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Management OS

Org-wide reporting starts here:

No need for manually inputting data into complicated HR apps. Just practise good managing habits in Hypercontext and our reports create themselves. 🪄


Goal & OKRs

No more spreadsheets. No more guessing. Gain real-time visibility into every goal and stay on track with intuitive reporting that will keep you and your team motivated.

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Don’t lose talent. Know that every team member is engaged and motivated in their 1:1s. Our beautiful, easy to read, one-on-one reporting will inspire managers both new and old.

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Performance Reviews

Less time chasing managers, more time delivering value. Our performance reporting goes beyond just a checkbox and drives strategy and growth that will make your company thrive.

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Reports that Execs, HR, and managers all love

No more spreadsheets. No more guessing. No more losing talent. No more chasing. Hypercontext automatically generates reports that are easy to understand and share so you can focus on what matters most: your team.

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Nick Bequary, COO, Populi
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Hypercontext gives us access to people analytics we didn’t even know we needed. Being able to gain insight into the relationships between manager and team member across the organization gives us the ability to continuously improve and help our team do their best work.

Nick Bequary COO, Populi

How our
Reports work

Manager Reports

We believe managers should have the best reporting about their team. So we built them the best reporting about their team. Hypercontext provides actionable, easy to understand reports, that give managers a chance to increase their odds of success.

Org-wide Reports

Go beyond the individual and get a clear picture of how this quarter is shaping up. See how your doing against goals, how engaged the team is, and how your time spend will shift when you look ahead. See ahead so you can get ahead.

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