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Celebrating an AI Milestone

A year ago, we launched our AI-assisted performance reviews because we believed that managers deserved better tools

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A year ago, we launched our AI-assisted performance reviews because we believed that managers deserved better tools—tools designed for the realities of their daily work, not the rigid frameworks of traditional performance management systems. These tools often felt out of sync and cumbersome.

Since then, we’ve turned performance reviews on their head. Using data from regular one-on-ones, our AI helps write the reviews, making this process as seamless as possible. We’re thrilled to share that this innovation has made us a finalist in the AI Apps and Experiences Work & Productivity category at the Webby Awards.

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What We’ve Learned: A Year in Review

Our journey over the past year has taught us valuable lessons about the power of AI in enhancing efficiency and feedback quality. Managers have cut down the time spent on reviews by 80%, shifting their focus from navigating complex systems to engaging more deeply with their teams. This shift not only saves time but also enriches the feedback, making it timely, fair, and devoid of biases often seen with traditional methods.

Feedback from our users highlighted the importance of transparency in AI-generated reviews. Managers and team members alike are keen to see a clear distinction between AI-generated content and human insights, maintaining a personal touch in all communications. There is a balance to be struck to serve the goal of easing the burden on managers and keeping it meaningful for individuals.

There is so much opportunity to surface insight throughout the whole process making processes like calibration and talent reviews less biased and more complete. What we have learned in helping the manager can be applied to support all levels of leadership and the People teams who support them.

The Core of Our Success: AI-Assisted Managers

At the core, our success is driven by empowering managers with AI that adapts to and enhances their workflows. This means:

  • Efficiency: Utilizing AI cuts down the time managers spend on performance reviews by 80%. By automating the consolidation and synthesis of data from regular interactions, the AI prepares the necessary groundwork, enabling a smoother and faster review process.
  • Quality of Feedback: AI enhances feedback quality by synthesizing many inputs from throughout the year. This ensures reviews are both comprehensive and reflective of actual performance. This helps employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement without placing additional burden on managers.
  • Continuous Coaching: AI suggestions support managers by providing ongoing, data-driven and context sensitive insights right in their 1:1’s. This tool helps managers deliver consistent, constructive feedback.
  • Creating a Positive Feedback Loop: Regular use of our platform enhances the AI’s precision in delivering insights and recommendations, creating a virtuous cycle that boosts its effectiveness. This continuous improvement reinforces key managerial practices making the tool increasingly valuable for managers.

By adopting an AI-driven approach, performance management can be transformed from a static, cumbersome process into a dynamic, beneficial tool that aligns closely with the daily activities of managers and teams. Plus by alleviating the administrative load traditionally associated with performance reviews, our approach directly boosts team morale and productivity.

The Road Ahead: Innovating Beyond the Webby

Here’s what we’re planning next:

  1. Better Tools for Managers: We’re enhancing the tools that support managers during performance assessments. Expect to see features like smart tips and pre-written prompts that help, but don’t overshadow, a manager’s own observations.
  2. Integrating More Data Sources: We’re expanding the range of data we incorporate into our reviews. Starting with recognizing achievements from other systems, our goal is to bring in more context from the places where work actually happens. This will layer additional depth into our reviews, providing a fuller, more accurate picture of each employee’s performance and contributions.
  3. Smarter Organizational Insights: With all the rich data we’re gathering, we’re now ready to take things up a notch. We’re looking to provide leaders at all levels with clearer insights into what’s happening across the board. This means turning complex data into straightforward, strategic information that can revolutionize talent discussions and planning.

Call to Action: Elevate Your Performance Management

We have so many people to thank for us getting to this point. First and foremost the customers who signed on early and have been so generous with the feedback. 

Are you ready to join them in transforming your company into a high-performance powerhouse? At Hypercontext, we’re committed to enhancing how organizations operate by empowering every manager to become performance-oriented. Join us in redefining performance management with tools that provide real-time, actionable insights and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Connect with us today—let’s make performance management a tool for growth and success.

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