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Access hundreds of battle-tested questions, conversation starters, and ice-breakers to ensure you’re having productive and meaningful conversations with your team.

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hypercontext suggested meeting questions

Get inspired

Ask better questions

Access hundreds of questions, hand picked and battle tested by some of the most experienced and successful leaders.

Empower your team

Encourage participation

Different questions with different phrasing, presented to your team so they can finally find the words to participate and share ownership of meetings.

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Meeting insights

No more blind spots

Conversations won't go stale

Hypercontext keeps track of your meeting notes and suggests topic areas you don't normally cover to ensure you're having balanced discussions.

High-performing teams ask the right questions

The most valuable time a manager has with their team is during one-on-ones and team meetings. That’s why we built Hypercontext: to make this crucial time more organized, efficient, and meaningful.

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