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Improve data security

To ensure the security of our customer’s information, we'll need to safeguard against any security breaches and increase our data recovery rate.

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Be a world class engineering team

As a team, we have some lofty goals to hit. To ensure we’re successful this year, let’s do the work to be a world class engineering team.

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Actively contribute to our engineering communities

Whether you’re actively trying to help a junior engineer level up in their career or contribute to existing communities, let’s ensure we’re giving back to our engineering communities.

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Increase the quality of our product

Building a world-class product will help us in becoming a world-class company leading in our space. To do that, we’ll need to have a reliable product that works as intended to keep our customers happy.

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Improve and optimize the development process

There’s always room for improvement on the team, from our product to our processes. Let’s spend time this quarter ensuring that we’re working smarter by optimizing or automating existing processes.

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Accelerate our team’s speed

To stay on track with our product roadmap, we should work as a team to accelerate our speed and overall velocity.

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