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Grow brand awareness

As a part of our brand awareness efforts, let's aim to improve our branded keyword search impressions by 20%. Setting this objective will help us prioritize our brand's image.

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Increase customer retention by 10%

Rather than focusing all of our attention on attracting new customers, let’s continue to delight those who are already familiar with our product and help them see the value before it’s too late.

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Improve cross-functional alignment

Our marketing team will have a higher chance of growth and success when we’re aligned with the rest of the company. Let’s make it a priority to build better relationships and feedback sharing processes cross-functionally.

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Decrease customer acquisition cost by 15% by the end of the quarter

Now that we have enough data to understand where our opportunities and low-hanging fruit are, let’s spend time optimizing our funnel to reduce how much it costs us to acquire new customers.

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Generate more high quality leads this quarter

To ensure that the sales team has a consistent and growing pipeline, let’s focus on optimizing existing funnels and launching new campaigns that will help us generate more high quality leads.

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Increase brand awareness

Let’s aim to be a well-known brand this year and the leader in our space. Let’s work as a team to tackle brand awareness from across all of our marketing channels!

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Breakout company of the year

Achieve record numbers across all marketing channels.

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