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Improve and monitor user engagement

Google is getting smart enough to detect user engagement metrics and signals based on if pages match the true search intent of keywords. Put yourself in your user's shoes - are you implementing rich media, videos and graphs (just a few examples) to increase dwell time, engagement and shareability of your content.

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Pass Google's Core Web Vitals across all pages

We need to improve our website speed to pass the Core Web Vital test for some of our pages. The main metrics are predefined in Google Search Console. LCP, CLS, FID, and TBT. The performance improvements must be adapted for both mobile and desktop.

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Develop our keyword strategy for the quarter

To better support our content efforts, let's narrow down our scope this quarter to 10-15 keywords that we feel will have the biggest impact on marketing metrics.

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Improve Off-Page SEO

Enhancing a website’s off-page SEO centers around building up its reputation and authority. Achieving these goals will help search engines better understand how others perceive our website, product, and services.

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Diversify our backlink profile

We need to improve the variety of links that we have coming in from new referring domains, as well as authoritative sites outside of our niche (I.e. .edu sites).

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Improve On-Page SEO

Since search engines rely heavily on on-page SEO signals to determine a page’s quality and relevance, let's optimize for a better user experience.

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Grow website traffic with your expert-level understanding of SEO best practices

Your goal is to drive traffic, and the way to do so is by ensuring you meet and exceed all SEO requirements. Your eyes are the last set looking over the content before publishing, after all!

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Increase organic traffic

Organic is an incredible channel to focus on for long-term acquisition and revenue goals. Let's continue to push the envelope by increasing keyword rankings and overall traffic.

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