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Weekly Fireside Agenda Template

Keep the bigger picture in your team's line of sight.

Created by Nathan Sparks

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Weekly Fireside Agenda Template


Weekly Fireside Meeting Agenda Walk-through

1.Review the team mission and values

Start by reviewing your team mission and values each week to set the tone and remind your team of the bigger picture goals you’re trying to accomplish together. Without a clear view of the team’s mission, it’s easy for your team to lose sight of the why.

This is an opportunity to highlight something that happened that month and how it ties back to your values and mission.
Some examples of what to talk about in this section could include:

  • Highlighting a team member’s accomplishment
  • Recognizing someone who embodied a company value
  • Reviewing an important deal
  • Sharing a customer case study

This section is led by a functional leader - closer to what’s happening with team members day-to-day.

2. Share critical information from the week

There’s a lot of information and helpful knowledge that doesn’t get passed down to your team members. The extra context and insights will help them perform better and feel more connected to the company at large.

Examples of information shared in this section could include a recent board meeting presentation, investor updates, how a change in company direction will impact the team, etc.

This section of the agenda is more top-level and led by the CRO.

3. Team specific announcements

Next, turn to housekeeping items. Is there anything coming up that everyone should know about? Use this time to ensure your whole team’s in the loop.

4. Q&A

Lastly, open the floor to any questions. If one person is unclear on something, others surely are too. Use this time to clarify confusion and answer any questions.

About this template

When your whole team isn’t looped into the bigger picture — the why behind the what — it’s easy to lose motivation. Nathan Sparks, CRO at Kandji, creates transparency on his team by using this agenda each week to walk his revenue organization through key learnings.

Updated Jun 2, 2022

Weekly Fireside Agenda FAQs

How long should a weekly fireside agenda be?


You should initially set your weekly fireside agendas for one hour with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have weekly fireside agendas?


Most weekly fireside agendas tend to occur weekly. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a weekly fireside agenda?


4 great things to discuss in your Weekly Fireside Agenda:

  • Review team mission and values
  • Share critical information from the week
  • Team specific announcements
  • Q&A

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After a successful run working for a premier, global Executive Search firm based on the West Coast, Nathan entered the world of software sales. He quickly went from being a top salesperson to building and leading large sales organizations, keeping his passion for serving the Sales Professionals under his direction top of mind. Most recently, Nathan's focus has been helping early-stage founders craft their "sales story," GTM strategy, and building scalable and repeatable processes with the goal in mind of accelerating revenue and helping them to realize their dreams.