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How top managers do one-on-one meetings [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This article and infographic is based on research from our Ultimate guide to one-on-one meetings.

One thing we know is true: amazing managers do one-on-one meetings.

Why? Because one-on-one meetings are the only real way to keep your team engaged and productive. Having meaningful conversations and check-ins with your employees on a regular, ongoing basis ensures your employees have a forum to receive (and give!) feedback, talk through roadblocks, and build rapport with you, their manager.

But there’s another reason we know amazing managers do one-on-one meetings. We asked them.

We sat down with top managers at Zapier, Buffer, Ritual, SeatGeek and more companies to learn if they did one-on-one meetings (spoiler alert: they ALL do them), and what they do to make them as meaningful and effective as possible.

Here’s what we found:

How top managers do one-on-one meetings

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