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New in SoapBox: our Android app!

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SoapBox Android app

Amazing meetings start with organization and preparation – and SoapBox helps with that through shared online agendas, easy meeting minutes and more.

But we get it: your days get hectic. You don’t always have the time to fully prep for meetings the way you wish you could. 

Here’s the good news: now that SoapBox is available (for free!) on Android, you can do your meeting prep while commuting to work, getting a coffee and more! 🎉 With our Android app, you and your employees can create and add to shared agendas, add comments, take meeting minutes and more – all from your smartphone!

Use SoapBox for Android to stay organized and prepared, no matter where you are:

📱⚡️ See what’s on your upcoming agendas, and add items when they’re top of mind.

📱⚡️ Get suggested talking points for meetings, and leave comments in agenda items.

📱⚡️ Use push notifications to stay on top of your day and know which meetings are coming up.

The Android app launch follows our iOS app launch last Octoberwhich means that any manager can start using SoapBox as their sidekick – with the tools they’re already using!


Download SoapBox for Android today!

SoapBox for Android

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