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New in SoapBox: Meeting Agenda Templates

2 min read

After speaking to hundreds of managers and countless hours researching, we’re happy to share our latest product for managers and their teams: Agenda Templates. It sounds simple, but we’re not talking about your garden variety PDF download or word doc. This is a shared, interactive online agenda that you can collaborate on with your team, pre-populated with items that have been tried and true by other managers.

You can now browse over 38 tried and true templates from salary review meetings to project kickoffs shared by awesome managers like yourself! You can use these agenda templates directly in SoapBox. 

We will continuously be adding in more templates over time!

Here’s how it works:

Agenda templates in app view
  1. When you create a new meeting, you will see a gallery of one-on-one and team meeting agenda templates to choose from. 📚
  2. Select the agenda template of your choice and it will automatically populate in SoapBox. From there, you can customize it so that it best suits your meeting needs. 🎯
  3. Invite team members to the meeting. 👥
  4. Have a productive and focused meeting! 💪

Why we built this:

More than 50% of a manager’s time is spent in one-on-ones and team meetings. We want to make that time more productive, collaborative and organized. 

With Agenda Templates, managers and their teams can take inspiration from other leaders and organizations having the same types of discussions. Ultimately, we’re giving teams a sneak peak into meeting agendas at other companies, like PathFactory, Hubba and Hubspot, so they can learn and adopt new practices for their own meetings.

P.s. If you’ve got a template of your own that you’d like to share, send us a message in the chat box below! 👇