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SoapBox Discussions Helps Leaders Collect Employee Ideas and Feedback

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Announcing SoapBox Discussions

Soapbox announces the release of Soapbox Discussions, a feature set within the Soapbox app that is designed to help leaders and managers easily get employee ideas and feedback on topics they define." Click To Tweet
Launch a SoapBox Discussion to collect employee ideas and feedback

Building off SoapBox’s free one-on-one and team meeting agenda feature (Teams), Discussions allows managers to launch specific, organized and actionable in-app discussions to collect input, ideas, feedback or questions with anyone at their company.

SoapBox has been helping leaders listen to their employees for 7 years. The manager-to-employee relationship is the single most important variable impacting employees’ success and motivation.

Since you define the topic, how long the SoapBox Discussion lasts and who's participating, you get ideas and feedback that's relevant to you at a time that's useful.


So, Discussions was designed with the manager in mind. Unlike getting input through chat or email, SoapBox helps managers organize input by allowing them to define the topic and timeline. Ideas and feedback are then prioritized with votes and comments and, once the Discussion ends, managers can close the loop on how they plan to action the input.

When employees are empowered to collaborate on decisions that impact their work, they take ownership over the results. Not only do managers benefit from better decisions and a more motivated team, but they show employees that their voices matter.

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