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Maddie's Monthly One-on-one Meeting Template

Created by Maddie Rupke

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Maddie's Monthly One-on-one Meeting Template

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September Goals and check in

Posted on Aug 29, 2022

Maddie's Monthly One-on-one Meeting FAQs

What should you discuss during a maddie's monthly one-on-one meeting?


9 great things to discuss in your Maddie's Monthly One-on-one Meeting:

  • What was your work and non-work highlight of the past month?
  • Growth: What professional goals would you like to accomplish in the next 6 to 12 months, and what makes you say that?
  • Goals: How are you tracking and feeling about your current goals?
  • Wok: What, if anything, feels harder than it should be in your day to day work?
  • Communication: Do you feel you’re getting enough feedback on your work? If not, where would you like more feedback?
  • What is one thing you’d like to do more of outside of work this coming month?
  • How have you felt about my level of presence/support over the past month?
  • Motivation:
  • Motivation: Are there any areas where you need more support and/or resources?

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