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VP Sales <> Sales Leader 1:1 Template

Created by Mark Roberge, former CRO of HubSpot, use this agenda for VP Sales <> Sales Leader 1:1s.

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VP Sales <> Sales Leader 1:1 Template

About this template

Best used in conjunction with the Sales Manager <> SDR monthly 1:1 template, this agenda will keep you in the loop on SDR development plans.

Updated Mar 15, 2022

VP Sales <> Sales Leader 1:1 FAQs

How long should a vp sales <> sales leader 1:1 be?


You should initially set your vp sales <> sales leader 1:1s for 60 minutes with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have vp sales <> sales leader 1:1s?


Most vp sales <> sales leader 1:1s tend to occur monthly. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a vp sales <> sales leader 1:1?


3 great things to discuss in your VP Sales <> Sales Leader 1:1:

  • Diagnosis - what issue will you coach this SDR on this month?
  • Coaching plan - how will you help them hit their goal(s)?
  • Measuring the impact - how will you know you’ve been successful?

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