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One-on-one Sales Forecast Meeting Template

A time for Sales Managers to meet with their direct reports to review upcoming deals.

Created by Naufil Rasheed

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One-on-one Sales Forecast Meeting Template


The cadence at which you have these meetings will depend on the type of business. Having weekly one-on-one forecast meetings is recommended for transactional and high-velocity businesses. But, if you’re working at a mid market or enterprise company, these meetings can happen bi-weekly or even monthly, mixed with other 1:1 coaching meetings.

At the end of the meeting, you should have an understanding of both best and worst case.

1. What deals are forecast?

Review deals that reps will likely close this sales cycle. By reviewing deals likely to close, you’ll gain an understanding of whether the rep is on track to meet their target.

Sales teams at different companies will define what’s included in the forecast differently. Develop a common language around each sales stage to create consistency and alignment across the organization.

2. What deals have opportunities to close this sales cycle but aren’t forecast?

Looking beyond your forecasted deal, are there earlier stage opportunities that could close this cycle? This is a good time to understand how you might fill any gaps to target.

3. What deals have a high probability of closing next sales cycle? Is there an opportunity to bring them into this sales cycle?

Best case scenario, find deals that can be expedited to close this sales cycle instead of next.

About this template

During this weekly meeting, sales managers meet with individual team members to review deals in specific stages of the sales cycle, with opportunities for closing.

Updated Jun 16, 2022

One-on-one Sales Forecast Meeting FAQs

How long should a one-on-one sales forecast meeting be?


You should initially set your one-on-one sales forecast meetings for 30 minutes with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have one-on-one sales forecast meetings?


Most one-on-one sales forecast meetings tend to occur weekly. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a one-on-one sales forecast meeting?


3 great things to discuss in your One-on-one Sales Forecast Meeting:

  • What deals are forecast?
  • What deals have the opportunity to close this sales cycle but aren't forecast?
  • What deals have a high probability of closing next sales cycle? Is there an opportunity to bring them into this sales cycle?

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Naufil Rasheed

Naufil has spent the last 8+ years in the B2B and SaaS spaces as an individual contributor and sales leader. He is passionate about building and scaling revenue teams in high growth environments, refining the inside sales machine & recruiting top talent. Most recently, Naufil spent 4 years at Clio as Director of Sales.