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Project Management Meeting Template

This agenda will help you take action on any project.

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Project Management Meeting Template


Project management meeting template walk-through:

1. Objectives (5 min)

One of the best ways to keep the team on track is to be relentlessly focused on what you're trying to achieve. Spend the first five or so minutes of the meeting reiterating your team goals and what you’re collectively working towards.

2. Project updates round table (20 min)

Quickly highlight the progress of any major projects and key tasks that were completed, but don’t spend too much time on this. Instead, focus on what didn’t get done, why and how that’s impacting how the team is tracking against goals. Don’t use this as a time to point fingers or blame one another because the reality is: things will come up and delay the team. What’s important is learning from these challenges and adjusting so they don’t become a blocker again in the future.

You should also use this time to review everyone's task list and focus on whether or not those projects are still in line with team and organizational goals, as well as the top priority.

3. Roadblocks and risks (10 min)

The best way to break this down is to determine short term roadblocks and risks, say this week or sprint, and longer-term ones that are coming down the pipe. Use this time as a team to prioritize what the biggest problems are that need to be addressed immediately and discuss how to best approach and solve them. The good news is that if there are no short term roadblocks, you can start tackling the long-term ones before they become real issues.

4. Deadlines and major milestones (10 min)

What important dates are coming? Are there any project milestones coming up or is there a big campaign that you’re supporting? Go over all important dates and review whether or not the team is on track to have everything completed by that date.

5. Budget (5 min)

This item might not be relevant to every team member, it also might not be relevant to every team. However, if it’s relevant to yours, do a quick gut check on whether or not the team is over or under budget and what changes need to be made as a result.

About this template

Whether you’re meeting with key stakeholders or a team of PMs, this meeting agenda will help you take action based on important elements of any project.

Updated Feb 9, 2022

Project Management Meeting FAQs

How long should a project management meeting be?


You should initially set your project management meetings for 50 minutes with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have project management meetings?


Most project management meetings tend to occur as needed. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a project management meeting?


5 great things to discuss in your Project Management Meeting:

  • Objectives (5 min)
  • Project updates round table (20 min)
  • Roadblocks and risks (10 min)
  • Deadlines and major milestones (10 min)
  • Budget (5 min)

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