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Staff Weekly Check In Template

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Staff Weekly Check In Template

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Staff Weekly Check In FAQs

What should you discuss during a staff weekly check in?


9 great things to discuss in your Staff Weekly Check In:

  • How are you feeling about work in general right now? What is your percent from 0% (I hate everything) to 100% (I'm thriving and loving every second of it!)
  • What are your top highlights since our last check in?
  • What are you excited to do more of or learn more about in the next month?
  • What is getting in the way or slowing you down?
  • What habits or professional growth goals are you working on right now? Do you need any extra assistance from PD?
  • Anything else you'd like to share or discuss?
  • What groups did you work with this week? How is your relationship with them?
  • How is the students relationship with each other? Any concerns or issues that come to mind?
  • What are some topics that you would like PD to discuss during our 1-1 check-ins?

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