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Introducing the SoapBox Sidekick: An AI Powered Meeting Assistant

We're excited to pre-launch our latest tool for managers and their teams: The SoapBox Sidekick.

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Managers are the unsung heroes in today’s workforce. Beyond their own work they bear the burden for the wellbeing and performance of multiple, sometimes more than 20 individuals. We’ve all heard the saying,

“People don’t quit jobs, people quit managers”

and it’s true. Today, we’re one step closer to making their jobs a bit easier.

We’re excited to announce the pre-launch of our AI meeting assistant. “What? It’s not out yet? How dare you, Brennan!” Don’t worry, it’s coming before the end of this year and to be one of the first manager’s with a sidekick, you can sign up on the Sidekick waitlist.

What is it?

The SoapBox sidekick is an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to help managers and their teams with their day-to-day productivity and organization.

SoapBox Sidekick

The Sidekick will:

  • Help you prepare for meetings
  • Prompt conversations
  • Give you insights into your employee’s engagement, performance and sentiment
  • Help you document your meeting outcomes and track them over time
  • Help you collect feedback on your meetings
  • And so much more!

How does it work?

The Sidekick will live within the SoapBox app and will be available to both free and pro SoapBox users. In the app, you’ll see an icon for the Sidekick and can chat to it like you would a real assistant, asking questions like “what’s on for the rest of the day?” and instructing it to perform tasks like “Setup a one-on-one with Amanda for 1pm tomorrow.”

When will it launch?

We’re gearing up for a launch of November 2019. You can join the waitlist here (and to bump up your spot, share it with another manager in need). 

How will it help managers?

68% of managers in our state of one-on-ones survey said that the most difficult part of being a manager is juggling their responsibilities with managing their team. The Sidekick is designed to take the load off of busy managers so they can be more prepared, productive and proactive when it comes to leading their team.

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