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Join SoapBox at the 2018 PERKS Conference

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We are incredibly excited to announce that SoapBox will be attending this year’s PERKS conference! Wednesday, May 9th at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston MA, meet up with amazing SoapBoxers and learn why SoapBox is the ultimate perk for your employees.

What is PERKS Conference?

PERKs is the place where HR, People Leaders and Office managers go to explore the latest and greatest in employee benefits, beyond the usual health, dental etc. Think massages, snacks, office games and now, SoapBox. Before you go, make sure you check out the e-Book “11 Perks you might not have considered a perk.

Stop by our booth to join in a surprise activity, and get an exclusive discount on the SoapBox pro subscription. Or, come chat with one of our SoapBoxers at the event 👋

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