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The Hypercontext Chrome Extension is here

And it's going to help you and your team GSD 💪

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We are pumped to offer Hypercontext users another way to manage meetings with their teams with our new Chrome Extension.

Why we built it

We want to make Hypercontext as easy as possible to use where you work, when you’re working. Customers tell us they love our Slackbot because it’s easy to collaborate on meeting agendas while talking to their team, without ever leaving Slack. Similarly, the Chrome Extension was built to help you manage your meetings while they’re top of mind, without having to leave Chrome.

Here’s what you can do!

Soapbox chrome extension: collaborate on agenda items. comment, respond and summarize in real-time.

Manage your meeting agendas from any tab

Reading an article you want to share in your next meeting? Use the Hypercontext chrome extension to view, edit, and add to meeting agendas in any tab. Quick-add URLs with pre-populated text in 1 click.

hypercontext chrome extension calendar view

View and manage agendas in your calendar

It’s time your calendar did more than just store time, date, and location data. When you sync your Google Calendar, use the Chrome Extension to automatically open that meeting agenda when you click the calendar invite. At a glance, see all unread items on your agendas in the top right corner of your calendar events.

Hypercontext chrome extension GoogleMeet

Use your agenda directly in Google Meet

No more jumping from one tab to the next to jot down notes. Once connected, your meeting agenda will show up during your Google Meet call, allowing you to add items, take notes, and assign next steps, all from your video call.

Introducing GSD Mode

This cheeky feature was built to help managers when they get distracted (it happens to the best of us). There are tons of stats on how social media interrupts productivity at work, including this recent article on how you can read over 200 books if you quit social media in a year!

So, when you’re about to peruse Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Reddit from 9-5, our sneaky extension will ask you if you really want to spend your time trolling social media or if you’d rather spend that time preparing for meetings with your team. Love it or hate it, you can toggle it on or off in settings.

Other notable Chrome Extension features:

  • All of your next steps in one view: Whether you’re using Asana, Todoist, or another project management tool, you’ll be able to see all of your next steps from the tools your team is already using.
  • Google Drive integration: Edit Google docs and sheets within your agenda
  • Scratchpad: Public and private notes to document important information
  • Real-time employee feedback: Send out post-meeting survey questions
Soapbox Chrome Extension Asana Todoist Integration

How to get it

Want in? 🙋‍♀️Go to the Chrome Web Store, add the extension and when you open it you can either sign up or sign into Hypercontext. Simply click the Hypercontext icon from any tab when you want to activate it.

The Soapbox Chrome Extension is the latest tool we’re building to help busy managers become better managers. Sign up for the Hypercontext newsletter to keep up with all the cool new features we’re building.

What to do now

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  1. You should try Hypercontext to see how it can help you run a high performing org.
  2. You should try Hypercontext to see how it can help you run a high performing org.
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