Time to pick up the Slack in meetings

Streamline your communication and keep information flowing efficiently. With the Hypercontext Slack bot you can add agenda items to your meetings from Slack. When the meeting's finished, automatically send notes to a Slack channel of choice.

Add to Slack

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meeting notes sent to slack

Send meeting notes to Slack

Your summary, summarized

AI-generated summaries of your meeting notes are posted to your team's channel. With your full notes tucked away in the thread. It's never been easier to share your notes. More importantly, it's never been easier to read them.

Add to your agenda from Slack

Take the conversation online

Add topics to your meetings while they're top of mind. Save time (and memory) by adding any Slack message to a Hypercontext workspace. You'll spend less time trying to remember what you wanted to say, and more time discussing it with your team.

add to your workspace from slack
open door meetings

Keep your team in the loop

Open door meetings, for remote companies

Push the same meeting to multiple channels to keep the right people informed. Or, put all your meetings into one channel and let anyone read them. So you catch everyone up on what happened without having to catch everyone up.

Effective communication that flows effortlessly

Step 1

Connect Hypercontext to a Slack channel

Step 2

Click the ellipsis on a Slack message and hit 'add to workspace" to add an item to your agenda.

Step 3

When you finish the meeting, your notes will be shared in any channel it's connected with.

Add hypercontext

Meetings with lower effort & higher value

Add items directly from Slack to your meeting agenda so you don't lose your train of thought. And share meeting discussions through Slack so the right people stay informed. No extra work required.

Add to Slack