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Google Docs

Embed your work documents directly in your agenda and notes

Connect to Hypercontext


This integration embeds Google Docs, Sheets and Slides into Hypercontext workspaces making it easy to find and view relevant files whenever you need them. Never search through Google Drive, Slack, or emails to find files again.

How it works

Embedding Google Docs in Hypercontext agendas is simple - just paste a Google link into any text field. The app will turn the link into an embed that shows the Google doc within your item. This works in any rich text field including descriptions and notes.

When viewing an embed, click on the image to preview the file in Hypercontext or click on the name to open it in a new tab.


Paste a link to any Google Doc, Sheet or Slide into a rich text field in your agenda.

Connect Google Docs to Hypercontext

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